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Updated September 18, 2014

Main Hawaiian Islands Deep 7 Bottomfish Quota

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Main Hawaiian Islands Federal
Bottomfish Regulations Brochure
(pdf 838 kB)

Fishing for bottomfish in Federal waters around Hawaii (3-200 nm offshore) is managed under the Fishery Ecosystem Plan for the Hawaiian Archipelago.

To limit fishing mortality and conserve bottomfish stocks at levels that support healthy fisheries, Federal regulations implementing the plan include a quota (annual catch limit) for Deep 7 bottomfish.

The quota is specified each fishing year using the best available scientific information collected by the State of Hawaii and NOAA Fisheries Service, including commercial and non-commercial fishing data and other information, and considers the associated risk of overfishing. When the quota is reached, all fishing (commercial and non-commercial) for Deep 7 species is prohibited in Federal waters around the MHI for the remainder of the fishing year. There is no prohibition on fishing for other bottomfish species throughout the year. When the quota is reached, the State of Hawaii will also close waters from the shoreline out to three nautical miles (State waters).


lehi image

Silverjaw snapper
Aphareus rutilans

ehu image

Squirrelfish snapper
Etelis carbunculus

onaga image

Longtail snapper
Etelis coruscans

opakapaka image

Pink snapper
Pristipomoides filamentosus

kalekale image

Von Siebold's snapper
Pristipomoides sieboldii

gindai image

Brigham's snapper
Pristipomoides zonatus

Hapuupuu image

Hawaiian sea bass
Hyporthodus quernus