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Additional Survey Information

NOAA Press Release:
NOAA Begins National Survey of the Economic Contributions of Saltwater Angling

2011 Hawaii Marine Recreational
Fishing Expenditure Survey

This year Hawaii's recreational fishermen should expect to be contacted by State of Hawaii Marine Recreational Statistical Survey (HMRFSS) staff at boat ramps, harbors, and shorelines and asked about their fishing expenses. At that time fishermen may also be invited to participate in a brief and confidential follow-up survey about annual fishing expenditures to Hawaii.

This information will help NOAA Fisheries Service identify the economic impacts,
such as local job support, sales revenues, and value-added benefits, that recreational fishermen provide to Hawaii's economy.

These estimates will also provide the public, fisheries managers, and government leaders information on the significant economic contributions of recreational fishing in Hawaii and the importance of supporting recreational fishermen and maintaining our island culture.

The Economic Contribution of Marine Angler Expenditures in the U.S., 2006