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Fishing off the Kona Coast, Photographed by Charles O'Rear, EPA, 1973

2012 Pacific Islands Recreation (Non-Commercial) Fishing Summit Proceedings (November 2012, pdf 620 kB)

Pacific Islands Region Saltwater Recreational Fishing Action Agenda
(November 2011, pdf 261 kB)

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Pacific Islands Recreational (Non-Commercial) Fishing Summit

NOAA Fisheries hosted a three-day meeting of 28 invited fishermen from American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam and Hawaii to help the agency identify fishery projects for possible implementation in FY-2013.

Highlights of the summit included a poster session, digital polling, roundtable discussions, and consensus-based format.

The delegates brainstormed ideas for NOAA Fisheries projects addressing key recreational issues in the region. The projects were aligned with NOAA’s five national goals for improving U.S. recreational fisheries:

The delegates concluded the summit by approving, via real-time electronic polling, 21 potential projects for consideration by NOAA Fisheries. See the results in the proceedings.

NOAA is committed to carry out its 2009 National Recreational Fisheries Initiative, to follow up on recommendations made by fishermen at the 2010 National Saltwater Recreational Fishing Summit held in Washington, D.C., and to earnestly include non-commercial fishermen in agency activities.

NOAA’s Pacific Islands Regional Office hosted the summit with the support of the NOAA Fisheries Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center, the State of Hawaii, the Western Pacific Fishery Management Council, and the Pacific Islands Fisheries Group.