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American Samoa Longline Limited Entry Permit

An American Samoa longline limited entry permit is required for anyone using longline gear to fish for pelagic species within the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) around America Samoa or anyone landing or transshipping pelagic species in American Samoa that were caught with longline gear in the EEZ around American Samoa.

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Additional Requirements:

  • Carry a valid High Seas Fishing Compliance Act permit on board the vessel if fishing in international waters.

  • Carry a valid Marine Mammal Authorization Program (MMAP) certificate on board the vessel.

  • Carry a valid Protected Species Workshop certificate on board the vessel.

  • Carry a valid American Samoa longline permit on board the vessel.

  • Carry an operational vessel monitoring system (VMS) unit supplied and installed by the NOAA Office of Law Enforcement if vessel is 50 ft. long or longer.

  • If the vessel is 40 ft. or longer, notify the NOAA Fisheries Observer Program 72 hours before departure on a trip and declare whether trip type is deep-set (targeting tunas) or shallow-set (targeting swordfish), and carry a NOAA Fisheries observer if directed to do so by NOAA Fisheries.

  • Maintain and submit the Western Pacific longline logbook to NOAA Fisheries within 72 hours of returning to port.

The American Samoa longline permit may be used to fish with longline gear in the EEZ around Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, the Pacific Remote Island Areas, and land catch in those areas. It may not be used in the Hawaii longline fishery.

A maximum of 60 American Samoa permits is distributed among four vessel size classes. Class A vessels are 40 ft. long or smaller, Class B (and B-1) vessels are longer than 40 ft., but no longer than 50 ft.; Class C (and C-1) vessels are longer than 50 ft., but no longer than 70 ft., and Class D (and D-1) vessels are longer than 70 ft. Permits are issued by vessel size class and permit holders are restricted to using vessels within their size class or smaller.

Permits may be transferred, but the person receiving the transfer must meet specific requirements, depending on their vessel size class. The permits expire three years from issuance, and renewal requires meeting minimum landing requirements and having a current Protected Species Workshop certificate.

Regulations governing this fishery can be found at Title 50, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 665, Subpart F. Detailed information on permit conditions and other requirements can be found in the American Samoa Longline Regulation Summary.

High Seas Fishing Compliance Act Permit:

This permit is required for any U.S. fishing vessel fishing outside the EEZ in international waters. Regulations for this permit requirement can be found at Title 50, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 300.

Marine Mammal Authorization Program (MMAP) Certificate:

The Pacific Islands Regional Office (PIRO) automatically issues the MMAP Certificate to each vessel registered to an American Samoa longline permit because the fishery is classified as a Category II fishery under the Marine Mammal Protection Act. A valid MMAP Certificate must be on-board the vessel when fishing. Permit holders do not have to apply for the MMAP Certificate, but replacement certificates may be downloaded here.

Protected Species Workshop Certificate:

Every year longline vessel owners and operators must attend and be certified for completion of a workshop conducted by NOAA Fisheries on interaction mitigation techniques for sea turtles, seabirds, and other protected species.

Contact Information:

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Protected Species Workshop
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Vessel Departure Notification or Observer Placement
American Samoa Observer Program
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Obtain or Submit Logbooks
American Samoa Field Office
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American Samoa DMWR:
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National Marine Fisheries Service
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