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Main Hawaiian Islands Monk Seal Management Plan

Vision: A healthy and thriving Hawaiian monk seal population in the main Hawaiian Islands, living in a productive and balanced coastal ecosystem and coexisting with the cultural and economic well-being of the people of Hawai‘i.

Final Main Hawaiian Islands Monk Seal Management Plan Released
NOAA Fisheries is pleased to announce the release of the final Main Hawaiian Islands Monk Seal Management Plan (attached). This is the product of years of work and input from stakeholders and partners, drawing on outcomes from workshops and other meetings held to discuss monk seal management issues.  

The Hawaiian monk seal (or ilio-holo-i-ka-uaua) is one of the unique species that make Hawaii's ecosystem like nowhere else in the world. Monk seals range throughout Hawaii's coastlines from the uninhabited atolls of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands to Waikiki Beach.

In the main Hawaiian Islands, the monk seal has become a symbol of Hawaii's unique natural environment, but public concerns have also arisen. The proximity of an endangered wild animal to areas important for local livelihoods, recreation and culture is creating challenges to finding sustainable solutions for co-existence.

The management plan is an important step toward successfully managing the main Hawaiian Islands' monk seal population, preparing to address emerging challenges, and fostering co-existence between humans and seals. We hope that the management plan will help facilitate building and strengthening partnerships and communication. The publication of this plan also completes a recommendation from the 2007 Recovery Plan for the Hawaiian Monk Seal.

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