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Dolphin SMART Program Events

Dolphin SMART program events may include presentations about the program objectives and information about spinner dolphin biology, current research on spinner dolphins, and how participating in Dolphin SMART can help your business and spinner dolphins. If you run a dolphin tour business, or see dolphins opportunistically on your ocean activity tour, please consider joining the Dolphin SMART program.

The Dolphin SMART program is a unique, recognition and education program that provides conservation benefits for spinner dolphins and participation incentives to tour businesses who agree to voluntarily follow program criteria. The program criteria are designed to minimize harassment to spinner dolphins from commercial tour viewing activities by conducting responsible viewing and advertising practices, as well as providing education to guests on the importance of responsible viewing for dolphin conservation.

Another facet to Dolphin SMART is the Proud Supporter program. Dolphin SMART Proud Supporters are local businesses that do not conduct dolphin viewing but support the program mission. Proud Supporters help raise public awareness for Dolphin SMART by teaching the public the importance of booking with a Dolphin SMART business to aid dolphin conservation.

Participating in the Dolphin SMART program as either a dolphin tour business or a Dolphin SMART Proud Supporter is free and voluntary. For more information, please visit our website at:

Dolphin SMART Training Maui -
Thursday, November 15 from 11am- 2pm in the Pili Aloha Room at the Napili Kai Beach Resort (5900 Lower Honoapiilani Road Lahaina, HI 96761)
*When you arrive at the resort, please go to the front desk and ask for directions to this room. The Pili Aloha room is directly below the lobby..

Dolphin SMART Training Oahu -
Saturday, November 17 from 9am-12pm at the McCoy Pavilion at Ala Moana Beach Park.

Dolphin SMART Brochure
Are you interested in learning more about Dolphin SMART? Please read our brochure (Aug 2011, pdf 1.15MB) for more information.

Why Practice Responsible Viewing?

Hawaiian spinner dolphins are frequently seen in the nearshore, shallow coves and bays of the Hawaiian islands and can be easily viewed from shore or boat. Watching them in their natural habitat can be an exhilarating experience. However, when we approach wild dolphins too closely, move too quickly, or make too much noise, we increase the risk of disrupting their natural behaviors, such as resting, nursing, breathing, breeding, sheltering, and socializing. Disruption of these natural behaviors is a form of harassment and against Federal law.

To learn more about becoming Dolphin SMART or for a current list of active Dolphin SMART participants, email Or, visit the Dolphin SMART Web site: