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Chambered Nautilus

Scientific name: Nautilus pompilius

Photo of a chambered nautilus. Photo courtesy: Gregory Barord

Current Management Issues

On October 23, 2017, we announced a proposed rule (82 FR 48948 External Link Disclaimer) to list the chambered nautilus (Nautilus pompilius) as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The proposed rule is based on a comprehensive status review for the species, and takes into account efforts being made to protect the species. We conclude that the chambered nautilus is likely to become endangered throughout all or a significant portion of its range within the foreseeable future. Therefore, we propose to list the chambered nautilus as a threatened species.

Public Comments and Information We Seek on the Chambered Nautilus Proposed Listing

A 60-day public comment period on the proposal to list the chambered nautilus under the ESA is open until December 22, 2017 at 11:59 PM EST. You may submit comments and information via the Federal eRulemaking Portal External Link Disclaimer. Public hearing requests must be made by December 7, 2017.

We are also soliciting information on the population structure, habitat use, abundance, and distribution of the species, as well as threats and planned activities that may impact the species, and efforts being made to protect the chambered nautilus. Information on potential areas of critical habitat within waters under U.S. jurisdiction is also requested.


On May 31, 2016, we received a petition from Center for Biological Diversity to list the chambered nautilus as threatened or endangered under the ESA.

On August 26, 2016, NOAA Fisheries made a positive 90-day finding (81 FR 58895 External Link Disclaimer), determining that the petitioned action may be warranted for the chambered nautilus. We conducted a comprehensive status review of this species to determine if the petitioned action was warranted. Scientific and commercial information pertaining to this species was accepted until October 25, 2016.

Key Documents

For more information on the ESA, please visit the our ESA Section 4 page.

For more information about the species, please visit the NOAA Fisheries' chambered nautilus page.