Winners of the 2017 Hawaiian Monk Seal Photo Contest


We are pleased to announce the winners of the first-ever Hawaiian Monk Seal Photo Contest! Two winners were chosen from each of the following 8 categories: Coexistence with Hawaiis Native Seal, Moms and Pups, Seal-Seal Interaction, Strike a Pose, Monk Seals in their Natural Settings, Surf and Swim, Threats to Survival, and Monument Insight. Thanks to everyone who participated! We look forward to featuring all of the images submitted in our future outreach materials promoting monk seal conservation.

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Coexistance with Hawai‘i's Native Seal

Moms and Pups

Seal-Seal Interactions

Strike a Pose

Monk Seals in their Natural Settings

Surf and Swim

Threats to Survival

Monument Insight

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