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Outreach and Education

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Education Materials Specific to Coral Reefs
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Professional Developement
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  • NOAA Education Resources - The Educator Opportunities website is designed to provide information about educational opportunities that are available to educators through NOAA. Educators can find information on in-person workshops, online trainings, field experiences, and conferences and events where NOAA staff will be in attendance. (includes many other web links)
  • NOAA's Teacher at Sea Program - Are you an educator interested in gaining first-hand research experience on an ocean research ship? This competitive free program gives teachers a clearer insight into our ocean planet, a greater understanding of maritime work and studies, and environmental literacy by fostering an interdisciplinary research experience.
  • Climate Change Professional Development - Online
    NOAA's climate portal offers listings of professional development opportunities for those educators interested in learning more about climate change. Opportunities include courses and workshops, hangouts, webinars, and more.

NOAA Online Games
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  • NOAA Games Arcade - A portal to games and interactive activities focused on ocean and air themes. It highlights the science and the activities of NOAA and other agencies and organizations promoting environmental stewardship. Game topics include ecology, animal migrations, recycling, and more.
  • Habitat IQ Online Game - How much do you know about coastal and marine habitat? Test Your Habitat IQ!

Online Data Imagery
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Monuments and Sanctuaries
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  • Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument (PMNM) Resources
    Through PMNM's partnership with Google, internet users can take a virtual tour of Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge, Tern and East Islands at French Frigate Shoals, Laysan Island, Lisianski Island, and Pearl and Hermes Atoll through Google Street View.
  • If you want to request an educational activity for your school or event, contact: (Oahu)
    • Classroom presentations by PMNM scientists
    • Hands-on activities for kids in the classroom and outdoors
    • Student videoconference calls with field station staff and volunteers working in the Monument
    • Ship-to-classroom 'ask a scientist' email forums
    • Outreach booths at events island-wide
  • Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary - The sanctuary's education and outreach programs focus on educating the public about Hawaii's humpback whales and other ocean life. A variety of programs are offered that allow the public to learn about the ocean and become involved in its protection.

NOAA Careers
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NOAA Scholarships, Fellowships and Internship Opportunities
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Featured Resources

List of Acronyms

  • CLEO - Coral Literature, Education and Outreach
  • C-MORE - Center for Microbial Oceanography Research and Education
  • CORIS - Coral Reef Information System
  • COSEE - Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence
  • JASON - Joint Altimetry Satellite Oceanography Network
  • JPL - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • MARE - Marine Activities, Resources & Education
  • NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • NCDC - National Climatic Data Center
  • NESDIS - National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service
  • NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • NOS - National Ocean Service
  • NSF - National Science Foundation
  • PIRO - Pacific Islands Regional Office
  • PSC - Pacific Services Center
  • SEA - Sea Earth Atmosphere
  • STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics