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Boats at Pier 38, Honolulu, Hawaii

Observer eReporting Project

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Observer eReporting Project?

The Observer Program will be testing a new app that allows observers to collect data on a tablet and send it to NMFS in near real-time. This new technology will greatly reduce the amount of paperwork that the observer needs to carry at sea.

When will the Observer Program be testing eReporting?

The Observer Program will start testing in late Spring 2017. Testing will run for one year.

How will this affect the fishing fleet?

The benefits of eReporting are extensive. In short, the timeliness and quality of the data will greatly improve because observers will be using tablets and satellite transceivers to send data. Observers will work with crews to maintain good working conditions that mitigate interference with fishing operations. eReporting is not expected to directly affect the fleetís day-to-day operations.

Is the beta software confidential and secure?

Yes. All data sent from the observer is encrypted end-to-end, from the tablet to NOAA Fisheries.
NOAA Observer staff using eReporting tablet

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