Observer Program

Observer Database (LODS)

Data collected by observers in the Pacific Islands Longline Fisheries (Hawaii and American Samoa) are entered into a web based Oracle database called LODS or Longline Observer Data System. LODS which was designed and is being maintained the Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center is a complete suite of tools designed to collect, process, and manage quality fisheries data and information. Guided by the principles of the NOAA Data Quality Act, LODS is the result of the collaboration and cooperation of scientists, data collectors and information management experts across the NOAA Fisheries Pacific Islands Region.

LODS is an end-to-end data management solution, articulating the four major data management areas of data collection management, data resource development, data maintenance and data dissemination. Every effort was made to eliminate redundant or unnecessary data items and to have the core data collection items be formally adopted by data stewards that would assume the responsibility of maintaining complete documentation and regular review of the quality, objectivity and suitability of the data item.

While unsummarized data are deemed confidential, information about these data - metadata - needs to be complete, accurate and publicly available. LODS makes that possible by managing the what, where, when, how, and who of all data objects in the database and by providing access to that information on the system web site.

System Features