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New curriculum available online for educators!

Check out the new educator's lesson plans (grades K-12) on the Outreach & Education Web Resource web page. Click on the "Education materials specific to Monuments and Sanctuaries" tab to explore and learn more about the variety of marine life, their values, and functions, in the Monuments. Plus, see the award-winning and hilarious short film External Link Disclaimer about why these places are worth protecting for future generations.

VIDEO: "Our Deepest Waters: Exploring Marine National Monuments in Remote Reaches of the Pacific."

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The International and National award winning film features the cultural significance, some of the science and management activities taking place, and never seen before film footage of the spectacular marine resources found in these locations.

For more information about the Marine National Monuments in the Pacific, visit our monument FAQ page.

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Marine National Monument Program

The Marine National Monument Program implements the January 2009 Presidential Proclamations that established three Pacific Marine National Monuments, the Marianas Trench, Pacific Remote Islands and Rose Atoll, and also co-manages the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, created in 2006. The Marine National Monument Program coordinates the development of management plans, scientific exploration and research programs within the Marine National Monuments in the Pacific Islands Region. Under NOAA's existing authorities and the Antiquities Act, the Marine National Monument Program works with federal and regional partners and stakeholders to conserve and protect the marine resources in these large marine protected areas.


Understand and protect the unique natural and cultural resources within the Marine National Monuments through the advancement of scientific research, exploration, and public education.


Strong partnerships that promote healthy ecosystems through science based management by 2016


  • 1. Collaboratively develop and adaptively manage governance structures for the Marine National Monuments.
  • 2. Develop a program for scientific exploration and research.
  • 3. Increase stakeholder awareness, engagement, and support for the Marine National Monuments

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For more Information:

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