The NOAA Pacific Region Grants Cooperative (PRGC) is an initiative of Federal Program Officers and grant administration staff representing the various NOAA line offices within the Pacific Islands Region. The PRGC formed to leverage both experience and resources to further NOAA's mission and goals. The creation of this group has formalized a venue for sharing best management practices and precious resources to successfully administer NOAA grants.


The PRGC provides increased grants management services and engagement with Pacific Island NOAA grantees while supporting NOAA's mission and goals in the Pacific region. In addition, PRGC supports NOAA's Grants Management Division interests and efforts in the Pacific Islands. The PRGC strives to do this by providing regular, real-time, and geographically-based NOAA grantee training opportunities and other capacity building activities; sharing useful information, tools, and resources regarding financial management across the region; and supporting collaboration, coordination, and communication amongst grant management staff in NOAA line offices of the Pacific Islands Region. The group helps participating line offices align with and contribute toward NOAA's vision and mission.