Federal Programs Office

Building and Submitting Your Proposal

Grant applications can be submitted online through Grants.gov or through hard-copies submissions with original signatures. In order to submit an application you must have a DUNS number, and a SAM.gov account. A Grants.gov account is mandatory for online submission. The entire registration process can take 2-weeks, so don’t wait until the due date. Failure to do one or more steps below can cause your application to be not accepted or reviewed. More information on each of these pieces is below.

NOAA Grant Application Package

The complete application package includes a series of government forms, project narrative, and budget information. If your application is incomplete, or missing even one form, it will not be reviewed. Your application should include the following pieces:

Grant Writing Resources

The following resources will help in the development of a concisely written proposal describing your needs and the project outcomes and goals.

Managing your Award

Already received a NOAA grant or cooperative agreement? Click here for training resources, how-to guides, and resources to manage your NOAA award.

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