Sustainable Fisheries Division

Honolulu Harbor

Fishery Management

The Sustainable Fisheries Division fishery management program supports the region's fisheries through the development, evaluation, and implementation of fishery policy and legislation. Program staff provides guidance to the Western Pacific Fishery Management Council in developing fishery management plans, ensuring that plans are supported by required analyses, and are consistent with all applicable laws. Staff members coordinate and administer the processing of proposed and final regulations to implement fishery management plans that are approved by the Secretary of Commerce.

Annual Catch Limits. Find catch limits (quota, total allowable catch, etc.) for fisheries in Federal waters of the Pacific Islands.

Fishing Regulations. View regulations for Federal, state, territorial, and commonwealth areas.

Proposed Actions, Final Rules, and Announcements. Review and comment on rulemaking.

Compliance Guides. Understand recent rule changes.

Sea Turtle Interactions. Track leatherback and loggerhead interactions in the Hawaii-based shallow-set longline fishery.

Seabird Interactions. View information on seabird interactions in the Hawaii-based longline fisheries.

Other Resources for Fishery Management. Find information about fisheries management, managed species, economic and social analyses, fishery management councils, and other applicable laws.

Environmental Impact Statements and Assessments. Review National Environmental Policy Act analyses that support fishery management actions.