Sustainable Fisheries Division

Fishing off the Kona Coast, Photographed by Charles O'Rear, EPA, 1973

Save the Date!

Pacific Islands Recreational
(Non-Commercial) Fishing Summit

Harbor View
Center at Pier 38

August 21- 23, 2012

Tue. 8/21, 9am-4pm
Wed. 8/22, 9am-4pm
Thu. 8/23, 9am-noon

Public is invited to attend informative poster session from 9am-noon on August 21st and to observe meetings and outcomes that follow.

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Pacific Islands Recreational (Non-Commercial) Fishing Summit

NOAA Fisheries will host a three-day meeting of 35 invited fishermen from American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam and Hawaii to help the agency identify fishery projects for possible implementation in FY-2013.

NOAA Fisheries has completed nearly all of last year’s recreational fishery projects including:

  1. An agreement developed by the State of Hawaii to exchange fisheries information with NOAA
  2. Hiring a full-time marine recreational fishery specialist in the Pacific Islands Regional Office
  3. Starting a boat-based recreational fishing survey to characterize reacreational fishing activities.

Pacific Islands Region Saltwater Recreational Fishing Action Agenda
(November 2011, pdf 261 kB)

This summit, one of the 2012 projects, will identify projects for the coming years.

The meeting will address issues important to non-commercial fishermen. Topics might include fishing opportunities, fish catch and effort data, social and economic data, and communications. Projects must be achievable, within budget limits, and targeted for completion within one year.

The meeting will feature an educational poster session, employ digital technology to record proposed projects and summarize outcomes by the end of the summit.

NOAA is committed to carry out its 2009 National Recreational Fisheries Initiative, to follow up on recommendations made by fishermen at the 2010 National Saltwater Recreational Fishing Summit held in Washington, D.C., and to earnestly include non-commercial fishermen in agency activities.

NOAA’s Pacific Islands Regional Office and Fisheries Science Center are organizing the summit with support from the Western Pacific Fishery Management Council and the Pacific Island Fisheries Group.