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NOAA Fisheries Service, Pacific Islands Regional Office (PIRO) recognizes the fundamental role that recreational fishing plays in the lives and livelihoods of Pacific Islanders. Working alongside fishermen, partners, and others, PIRO works to conserve fish populations and protect our unique fishing traditions.


2011 Hawaii Marine Recreational Fishing Expenditure Survey. A new NOAA study is currently underway to update estimates of angler expenditures in Hawaii. Surveyors will be contacting Hawaii's recreational fishermen throughout the year to gather information on their daily and annual fishing expenses. This information will help estimate the value of recreational fishing to the local economy. Read more

National Saltwater Angler Registry. Federal law requires certain Hawaii fishermen (including spear fishermen) to sign up with the National Saltwater Angler Registry. Registration is not required if you only fish in freshwater, are under 16 years old, fish only on licensed charter boats, fish only within 3 miles from shore (State waters), or are fishing under a valid commercial marine license. Read more

The Importance and Future of Recreational Fishing. In terms of both catch and economic contribution, recreational fishing is an important part of managing living marine resources. Recreational fishermen account for nearly a quarter of all landings of targeted species nationally. Read more