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Draft EA Available for Comment.

Project Summary:  

NOAA’s NMFS is proposing to issue a Special Coral Reef Ecosystem Fishing Permit (SCREFP) to Kona Blue Water Farms (KBWF) for one year in accordance with the Hawaii Fishery Ecosystem Plan. The permit is consistent with implementing federal regulations (50 CFR §665.224) pertaining to management of coral reef ecosystem fisheries and  would authorize the culture and harvest of a Hawaii coral reef ecosystem Management Unit Species (MUS) using two small, untethered (un-anchored) net pens (Aquapods™) deployed in Federal waters leeward of the Island of Hawaii. The pens would be set at approximately 25 ft below sea level and would passively drift under control of a tender vessel.

The proposed activity would allow KBWF to test the feasibility of raising marine fish species using a new gear-type (drifting net pens) in the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone (U.S. EEZ). A draft EA was prepared which describes the proposed activity and permit conditions, and evaluates the potential environmental impacts of the project. The preliminary analysis shows the project, which takes place in offshore waters, would have a low likelihood of adverse environmental effects.


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“Draft Environmental Assessment for Issuance of a Permit to Authorize the Culture and Harvest of a Managed Coral Reef Fish Species (Seriola  rivoliana) in Federal Waters off the Leeward Coast of the Island of Hawaii, State of Hawaii” March 16, 2011.

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