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The Marianas Archipelago 'Size Matters' Campaign

Fish Guide for CNMI

The Marianas Archipelago 'Size Matters' Campaign will be taking off in early 2011 with the release of two new conservation tools. The measurement guide for CNMI and poster for the Mariana Archipelago showcase the most commonly caugh treef fish along side the best available information for what sizes are best to catch them to ensure more fish for the future. Both tools are based on the concept of L50, which is the length which researchers have found 50% of the fish of that species to be capable of producing eggs and helping to repopulate the reef. By targeting fish larger than the L50 we can ensure that the fish we eat have already had a chance to help repopulate the reef, whereas a reef where fish are routinely taken below the L50 level will also have far fewer juvenile fish. The fish on the poster are painted at their actual L50 size, while the waterproof guide provides smaller photos with lengths and ruler markings. The measurement guide also provides key information about CNMI fisheries regulations, contact information and maps of the MPAs on Saipan, Tinian and Rota as well as an archipelago map with information about the Marianas Trench Monument.

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