Habitat Conservation

Coastal Uses Mapping


The Coastal Uses Mapping Project was designed to fill a critical information gap in ocean management by mapping significant human uses of the nearshore ocean area at priority sites in Hawaii. Located on the west coast of Hawaii Island and Maui Island, these two sites are designated by the State’s and NOAA’s Coral Programs as key coral reef sites for specific ridge-to-reef management activities. The intent of the mapping project was to gain a better understanding of the spatial range and intensity of key use types at the two sites in order to better inform resource management. To this end, participatory GIS mapping workshops were held where local resource users, scientists, and stakeholders created maps of both extractive and non-extractive ocean uses. Data, maps, and analytical products are completed for South Kohala in 2011 and for West Maui in 2012. Results and data are available to local community groups, state and federal agencies, NGOs, and to other interested parties at NOAA’s National Marine Protected Areas Center, NOAA’s Coastal Services Center Digital Coast, and Hawaii State Coral Reef Strategy websites.