Habitat Conservation

Collaborative Ciguatera Research and Education Program

Program Goal: Connect spearfishers and researchers at the University of Hawai'i to conduct scientific research, and increase knowledge, education and awareness about Roi (Peacock grouper; Cephalopholis argus) and ciguatera.


  1. Collaborate with spearfishers to collect fish samples from locations through out the Hawaiian Islands to be tested for ciguatera content.
  2. Provide fisherman and other stakeholders with scientific analysis of the ciguatera content of their fish sample. (Analysis may take 4-6 weeks).
  3. Create relationships among program stakeholders to increase knowledge, understanding and management of ciguatera related issues.
  4. Apply research to decrease negative impacts on human health.
  5. Identify any seasonal variability related to ciguatera in near-shore fish species.
  6. Identify and map fishing areas containing high frequency and or levels of ciguatera among fish.

Expected Outputs:

  1. Improved information supplied to the fishing, public and scientific communities regarding ciguatera.
  2. Increased fish samples supplied to researchers from University of Hawai'i.
  3. Improved utilization of near shore reef fish (native and non-native species).
  4. Improved utilization of near shore fishing areas.
  5. Improved health of near shore resource users.

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