Federal Programs Office

Managing Your Grant

NOAA administers and manages all financial assistance awards through an online system called Grants Online. The following resources will step you through many processes that you’ll need during the life of your grant or cooperative agreement.

Grant Management: How-to Guides and Resources

  1. Grants Online- All NOAA awards are administered using the Grants Online system.
  2. Accepting Awards and Managing Recipient Users- Within 30 days after receiving an award, the authorized representative must review, accept, and designate the project manager/investigator and key personnel. (Apr 2006, pdf 1166kB)
  3. Enroll in ASAP- The Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP) system allows grantees to draw down funds. (May 2014, pdf 869kB)
  4. Manage Your Award
    1. Grants Online Quick Reference Guide - This helpful document is a great starting place for Grants Online users. (Sept 2014, pdf 263kB)
    2. Performance Progress Reports - Instructions to submit your semi-annual or final progress report. (Jun 2007, pdf 805kB)
    3. Federal Financial Reports - Instructions to submit financial reports. Semi-annual financial reports are due April 30 and October 30. (April 2009, pdf 1.77MB)
    4. Guidance for No Cost Extension - Outlines the steps to request an extension to your award period. (Dec 2010, pdf 57kB)
    5. A-133 Audit - Annual audits are required for entities expending more than $500,000 in federal funds per year. For awards after December 2014, the audit threshold is $750,000. (2014, pdf 1.23MB)
  5. Close Out Guidance - "Close out" is the 90 days after award activities end and allows the grantee to pay all final invoices, complete final reports, and dispose of any equipment. (2014, pdf 1.26MB)
    1. Extension to Close Out- Instructions to request an extension to close out. (Nov 2010, 29.6kB)


NOAA grantees are bound to the term and conditions within their specific award. For awards issued after December 2014, awards will follow 2 CFR Part 200 - Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards.

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