Pacific Islands Regional Office
NOAA Inouye Regional Center
1845 Wasp Blvd., Building 176
Honolulu, HI 96818

Phone: (808)725-5000
Fax: (808)725-5215

Honolulu Service Center
Pier 38, Honolulu Harbor
1139 N. Nimitz Hwy., Suite 220
Honolulu, HI 96817

Phone: (808)944-2300


Regional Administrator's Office   Back to top
Tosatto, Michael Pacific Islands Regional Administrator
Malloy, Sarah Deputy Regional Administrator
Kidder, Ryan NOAA Corps Officer
Everson, Alan Aquaculture Coordinator
Goo, Wende Media and Outreach
Guillermo, Jessica JIMAR* Multimedia Associate
Jordan, Melanie JIMAR* Outreach & Education Specialist
Kamaka, Pua Management Analyst
Butterfield, Anne FOIA Coordinator
Karr, Gary JIMAR* Communications Specialist
Luipold, Marilyn NEPA Coordinator
Nakamura, Roy OA* Administrative Assistant
Pautzke, Sarah OA* CMSP Coordinator
Ridderman, Carolyn Administrative Assistant
Uno, Kathleen JIMAR* Graphic Artist/Web Specialist
Vandehey, Amy JIMAR* Outreach and Education Coordinator

Operations, Management, and Information   Back to top
Cry, James Executive Officer
Vacant Budget Analyst
Vacant Cooperative Program Specialist
Akagi, Ann Budget Analyst
Bloom, Scott Cooperative Program Specialist
Craig, Walter IT Computer Specialist
Dindinger, Tammy Receptionist
Giebler, Patrick Administrative Officer
Griffith, Cherry Budget Analyst
Jameson, Elizabeth Support Services Specialist
Kotsakis, John IT Chief
Lee, Timothy IT Computer Specialist
Love, John Applications Developer
Miller, Kara Cooperative Program Specialist
Vacant Acquistions Management Specialist
Rogers, Ida Support Services Specialist
Tanaka, Sandra Budget Officer
Turqueza, Derek IT Computer Specialist

International Fisheries   Back to top
Karnella, Charles Division Chief
Chan, Valerie Fishery Policy Analyst
Clarke, Raymond Supervisory Fisheries Biologist
Crigler, Emily Fishery Policy Analyst
Ghosh, Rini Fishery Policy Analyst
Graham, Thomas Fishery Policy Analyst
McGinnis, Zora Student Intern
Schmidt, Diana Program and Management Analyst

Habitat Conservation   Back to top
Davis, Gerry Assistant Regional Administrator - Habitat
Jayewardene, Danielle RCUH* Coral Reef Ecologist
Kolinski, Steve Fishery Biologist
Lameier, Michael Fishery Biologist
Morishige, Carey OA* U.S. All Islands Coral Reef Committee Secretariat
O'Conner, Robert GIS Specialist
Pangelinan, Arlene Fishery Biologist
Ramsey, Matthew OA* Hawaii Fisheries Extension Agent
Schroeder, Robert Fishery Biologist

Protected Resources   Back to top
Van Atta, Alecia (Lisa) Assistant Regional Administrator - Protected Resources
D'alessandro, Dalin Marine Mammal Response Associate
Davis, Nicole Maui County Marine Mammal Response Coordinator
Freeman, Haunani Management Support Assistant
Frutchey, Karen JIMAR* International Turtle Conservation and Management Liaison
Golden, Dawn Endangered Species Biologist
Graham, Krista Endangered Species Biologist
Higgins, Jean Endangered Species Biologist
Hubner, Don Endangered Species Biologist
Kelly, Irene Sea Turtle Recovery Coordinator
Young, Chelsey OA* Natural Resources Specialist
Lefors, Jayne NEPA Project Manager
Maison, Kimberly JIMAR* Sea Turtle Biologist
McCue, Laura OA* Natural Resources Specialist
Nichols, David ESA Section 6 Coordinator
Opay, Patrick Endangered Species Branch Chief & ESA Section 7 Coordinator
Schofield, David Regional Marine Mammal Health and Response Program Coordinator
Smith, Lance Fishery Biologist
Sprague, Rachel Hawaiian Monk Seal Recovery Coordinator
Thomton, Jamie Kauai Marine Mammal Response Coordinator
Walters, Jeff Marine Mammals Branch Chief
Yamamoto, Naomi Management Analyst
Young, Nancy Marine Mammal Biologist

Sustainable Fisheries   Back to top
Harman, Bob Assistant Regional Administrator - Sustainable Fisheries
Brown, Melanie Fish and Wildlife Administrator
Ha, Phyllis Resource Management Specialist - NEPA
Ikehara, Walter Fishery Information Specialist
Keau-Chong, Sharon Program Analyst
Makaiau, Jarad Resource Management Specialist
McGregor, Michelle Economist
Mehta, Nikhil Visiting Fishery Biologist
Torres, Andrew Protected Species Workshop Coordinator
Van Fossen, Lewis Resource Management Specialist
Wunderlich, Mary Resource Management Specialist

Observer Program   Back to top
Fax: (808) 725-5217

Kelly, John Observer Program Manager
Arceneaux, Stuart (Joe) Training Coordinator
Busscher, Kevin Operations Coordinator
Forney, Eric Fisher Information Specialist
Lee, Josh JIMAR* Debriefer
Jantz, Lesley Debriefer
Kupfer, Richard Debriefer
Luers, Daniel Debriefer
Marchetti, Jamie Debriefer
Peschon, John JIMAR* Debriefer
Willson, Jeremy Debriefer
Zukeran, Kay Management Support Assistant

Marine National Monument Program   Back to top
Brooke, Samantha Monuments Program Manager
Hall, Richard Fishery Policy Analyst
Hirsh, Heidi Natural Resources Management Specialist
Johnston, Healoha Natural Resources Management Planner

NOAA General Counsel, Pacific Islands Section (GCPI)   Back to top
Fax: (808) 725-5216

Tucher, Frederick Section Chief
Geise, Jeffrey Administrative Assistant
Nichols, Kamaile Attorney Advisor
Onaga, Elena Deputy Section Chief

NOAA General Counsel, Enforcement Section (GCES)   Back to top
Fax: (808) 725-5216

Smith, Duane Enforcement Attorney

NOAA Restoration Center   Back to top
Watson, Lani Marine Habitat Resource Specialist
Parry, Matthew Fishery Biologist

American Samoa Field Office   Back to top

International Fisheries • Phone: (684) 633-5598 • Fax: (684) 633-1400
Yamasaki, Gordon Fishery Biologist
Asalele, Fernan Biological Technician
Henry, Elia Biological Technician
Fauvale, Ioelu Biological Technician

Habitat • Phone: (684) 633-5326
Sauafea-Le'au, Fatima Fishery Biologist

Observer Program • Phone: (684) 633-5325
Kostelnik, Steve American Samoa Operations Coordinator
Marsik, Michael Fishery Biologist

Guam Field Office   Back to top

Habitat • Phone: (671) 646-1904 • Fax: (671) 735-3984
Brown, Valerie Fishery Biologist
Quinata, Marybelle CCRMC

Sustainable Fisheries • Phone: (671) 646-1904 • Fax: (671) 646-1906
Vacant Program Specialist

CNMI Field Office   Back to top
Phone: (670) 234-0004

McKagan, Steven Fishery Biologist

*JIMAR- Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research
*OA - Ocean Associates
*RCUH - Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii

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Last updated: June 12, 2014